Important Info


We offer a variety of Wooden Board sizes and single use palm leaf ware with the following pricing.

2-4 servings $50+

6-8 servings $95+

10-12 servings $140+

13 or more servings contact us for more details.

Please refrigerate immediately once received. Local Indianapolis area delivery and pickup available (Not available on Sunday's).

All deliveries must be delivered to a person ready to receive the Board(s), Pigs Tale will not leave the package unattended.

Please contact us for details & questions at 317-516-5966 or

Please provide us with as much of the following information as possible: 

  • Important Information!

    - All Charcuterie Board inquires made after 2 pm on Friday will be responded to the following Monday.

    - Charcuterie Board Orders must be made 48 hours in advance of Delivery or Pickup date. Thank you!

Thank you!