Our Story

Our inspiration for crafting high quality salami comes from our love of unique foods around the world. There is no substitute for quality ingredients and time-honored techniques, and this is the foundation of our approach.

Our founder, Troy, often went to his favorite Italian restaurant while he was growing up, and everything there was homemade. His love for Italian food led him to travel hours to a real Italian market in Chicago, and to study Italian in college. Throughout that time, and later while working in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant, Troy would experiment with making all varieties of Italian foods — and his experiences reaffirmed his belief that only the best ingredients, prepared from scratch in just the right way, will result in the most delicious food.

While having lunch with a friend one day, Troy had a charcuterie plate and was fascinated to learn that they made all the meats in-house. His wife bought him a book on how to make and cure meats, and within days he knew that his life was forever changed: he was destined to make salami!

After much experimentation and exploration, Pigs Tale Charcuterie was born with the mission of making the best cured meats from the best ingredients. We've learned that great salami has to start with great pork — what you find at your local grocery just won't do. And that making great charcuterie and salami is finding the balance between art and science. We carefully source our meat knowing that each breed of pig is more suitable for different types of cured meats. It's all in the details.


People who have come from Italy have tasted our products and said they are transported home with one bite. There is no greater compliment in our pursuit of authenticity and quality. We are pleased to be able to bring such flavors to Midwest America, and we hope you enjoy!

  • Owners Troy and Wendee standing with a Pigs Tale Charcuterie spread.